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wedding planner jobs sardinia


If you are planning your wedding, birthday, anniversary or creative bash, we will ask you to complete a short questionnaire to better understand your needs and will then recommend a skype call to discuss your vision and ensure we are a good match.


The beauty of our approach consists in our unconventional flexibility, granting you the benefit of regular face to face consultations in location or via phone/skype if you live somewhere else as well as personal on site presence during the event itself.


We produce events, consult, coach and lecture on trends, venues, vendors, planning & styling.

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The wedding planner’s job is very complex and keeps us busy all year round.


We select the suppliers, visit locations, design and schedule events for the new season and many other things.


The wedding is a success because the work we did in the months before the event was precise and scrupulous.


The images you see show only a small part of our work, the decorations of the tables or the location chosen for the ceremony, but what really tells about a amazing and succesfully day are the photographs of happy and carefree people who have fun at the wedding

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wedding planner jobs sardinia
wedding planner jobs sardinia
wedding planner jobs sardinia
Wedding planner in sardinia

wedding planner jobs sardinia

What can we do

To bring your experience to life, we’ll help you to manage the whole event, including:


– Venue scouting

– Wedding suppliers

– Event design and styling  

– Planning

– Accommodations and bookings

– Guests management

– Transfers & logistics

– Catering concept

– Special entertainment

– Extra activities

– Party planning

– On site supervision & coordination 

wedding planner jobs sardinia

Are you thinking to get married soon?

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wedding planner jobs sardinia